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There have been some lovely people/companies that have helped me along the way and they deserve their very own thank you page !

My very first huge project  was to raise funds for buying some individual kennels, I have been blown away by how many people have got involved with this and how many people have given donations and each and everyone of you needs to be mentioned and thanked…

Firstly, a wonderful company called LIFE IRRIGATION  DSCF4562 donated all the materials and workmen to lay my foundations, lay my concrete base and supply me with running water, this amounted to A VERY SUBSTANTIAL amount of money and I cannot thank Ronen and Gill Orr (owners) enough for this wonderful practical contribution…

Secondly was Lord and Lady Salisbury who donated a very generous amount of money which has enabled me to purchase outright one of the lovely chalet type kennels that you see featured on my home page and it has been erected in memory of their beloved lurcher JUDE… The company I brought my kennels off, DUCHY FARM KENNELS have given me a wonderful discount on one of the kennels and  very kindly delivered  and installed the  kennels, free of charge…!!! Finally Steve at Norbury Fencing in Hertford, gave the rescue a very generous discount to enable us to buy the fencing materials…THANK YOU SO MUCH !!


The following people have made personal donations to the kennel fund  and without them I wouldn’t be in the position I am now. I am extremely grateful as I know spare money in this current climate is very hard to come by and I have been overwhelmed by the support, thank you very much to the following people….Tess Brown, Jean Peters, Helen Starbuck, Amanda Westhead, Linzi Tropea, Marianne Hills, Sarah Brunning, Jo Skirrow, Gill Robinson, Jacqueline Baker, Jess Michael, Lisa Gates, Lily Bear, Tia/Miley Wheeler, Angie Paterson, Sandra Monk, Anita Musk, Elliot Gay, Frances Gillies, Janie Simmonds, Shaine/Rob Macinnes, Sarah Milner, Lyn Odgers, Carol Jones, Christine Pate, Vicky Strickland, Hanna Vartiarnen, Annette Connor, Niki Armstrong, Sarah Bolger, Sarah Milner AGAIN, (x)  Derek Ewart, Tracey Field, Gill Prosser, Alison Derrouiche, Angie Paterson AGAIN (x), Marion Kitchener (my mummy xx) Helen Gates and her colleagues at EQUISENSE, Niki Noo, Geraldine Anderson, Allison Derrouiche AGAIN (x),  Sarah Milner FOR THE THIRD time (xx), Lorn Wilson , Jaci Read for donation of usage of a trailer and a large amt of bark, Jacqueline Horton, Johanna Woolcock Purnell.


When I didn’t think things could get better and I had my two wonderful kennels up and running,  two

download (1) wonderful things then happened…The charity Support Adoption for Pets  granted my application for funding for a third kennel (YES a third one !!), so I was extremely  chuffed..PLEASE SUPPORT THEM BY LIKING THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE…



A wonderful lady all the way from FINLAND called Hanna Vartiainen who runs a dog association HH logo tekstilla

 HurttaHelppi (HoundHelp) contacted me as she has a passion for lurchers and wanted to assist, her wonderful association sponsored all the materials/installation of the electrics and lighting for the kennels and the area…The lurchers now  have heating for the winter months and are so very cosy !!!

I AM OVERWHELMED and VERY GRATEFUL for  these two wonderful charities/associations for helping me so much.



NOW A VERY IMPORTANT SET OF SPECIAL PEEPS…YES MY LOZZA LURCHER LOVELIES…. These wonderful images (22)two legged creatures give over their hard earned cash every month for the rescue via a standing order and without their generosity, simply put, the rescue would not be able to save as many lives…These are LLR’s angels….

   Emma Shreeve    Janine Akid   Donna Bell   Tracey Field   Janice Rhodes  Angela Mills

Janie Simmonds   Gillian Arger (all the way from Italy !!)   Victoria Foxton     Niki Armstrong

Liz Hockley   Helen Starbuck   Sarah McGahey   Geraldine Anderson   Allison Anderson   Jane

Anderson  Graham Waugh  Kraig Ralph  Paula Stephens  KJ Bull  Michael Tracey ,  Carolyn Rudd

Karen Bracebridge Theresa Hughes  Tracey Bright  Scott Sellar   Monique Gudgeon  Julia Middleton 

Jonathan Jones  Sara Rutherford Nick Ludlow Jamie Allsop  Sarah Ivino and finally Charles Elliott


LASTLY, I apologise if I have forgotten anyone, but the following people certainly need mentioning :



 Vets 4Pets for their exceptional care given to the rescue lurcher’s and a discounted account for the rescue

 The admin and helpers at  The Animal Team Transport Volunteer Network and  The  Animal Team  Homecheck Volunteer Network for helping with transport/homechecking  when required.

 Monique and Simon Gudgeon who own Sculpture by the lakes and have donated tirelessly over the past few years to projects and have run specific fundraising events at their wonderful place…

Gill and Joe Rayfield of  BMG Industries who donated their printing, products , time and money to assist with the Justice for Fly campaign and have now taken over the rescues two merchandise accounts, fab company with a wonderful generous couple owning it !!

Ocado for their very very generous donations of weekly food to sponsor all the lurchers

Peter Goodchild for his discounted all singing and dancing alarm system installed via Welwyn Hatfield Alarms for the kennel area

Lee Bradley from Bradgate Fencing for all the fencing and the shelter done for the secure paddock project at a discounted rate and the recent Training Barn

Marielle Harris who works at Best Pets in Luton where she is always on the look out to asssist with discounted stock to help

Jane Bettles for her free grooming of the rescues

Lee Crouch for his ongoing carpentry work around the kennel area