“My childhood was spent growing up on a farm. I then left the farm environment and brought a house in Hatfield,  Herts and this was soon kitted out with pens in the garden and I started fostering for the Cats Protection League , earning a reputation of being an animal lover taking in anything that I could , to help.

Its amazing how many animals you can fit into your 3 bedroom house with a bit of organisation but it was always the dogs that found there way into my heart more. I had to admit defeat and approx 10 years ago I moved back to the farm I grew up on , in Hertford and am now lucky to own alot more land to accommodate my passion.”

I have had a varied work history but notably the last 10 years working for the Metropolitan Police Service as a frontline Police Officer until I left at the end of 2012.  I was always called upon to engage in any animal incident and “acquired” a few rescued pets on the way , notably the parrot that became my operator for the night shift and the goldfish that I rescued from a crime scene .  Of course , not forgetting the horse found wandering on the A406 that ended up in my front paddock on the farm for a short time and naturally numerous dogs that I have found no owners for and unless some magic was performed, they were facing going to the dog pound and potentially  being put to sleep, so of course I have always been a part time magician as well !!”

“Throughout all the madness and comings and goings of all sorts of animals over the years ranging from skunks to llamas, my passion has really always been dogs, and the dog that always wins hands down with me on the heart strings is the LURCHER. They are comical, gregarious, intelligent and just damn right gorgeous ! Lurchers come in all shapes and sizes but the type that will always melt my heart will be the rough coated crosses. My first lurcher boy was SCOOBY, rescued from Battersea Dogs Home at 3mths old and that was 20 years ago and I have never not had at least one sitting on my sofa with me since”


“Currently I own 4  gorgeous girls, Maddie (lurcher))   Hettie (podenca) , Kira (podenca)  Fifi (mongrel) and my handsome  Jack (podenco) , up until mid Jan 2014, I had another gorgeous girlie.

Maddie x

Kira x












Maddie is nearly 12 and I rescued as a pup from a travellers site. My second dog is Kira  and she was my first failed podenco rescue. She came over from Spain and I was smitten the moment I clapped eyes on those fab ears !!  My third dog to come in , was the mighty JACK…an Ibizan Hound from Spain…he was too bonkers to rehomed and quite frankly we get on like a house on fire, he is by far the joker of the pack and has his own fan club !!  My fourth dog to enter into the madhouse, was Hettie, another beautiful podenca who arrived at Podenco Friends in Spain, I saw a photo and was smitten ! Last addition last year was the mighty warrior, Fifi..she battled against all the odds with parvovirus which saw her loose the rest of her siblings…What she lacks in size, believe me, she does not lack in attitude !!    The resident dogs feature on the videos alot on facebook and are all awesome in their own right ! I am VERY lucky ! 


Fifi x

Hettie x




The handsome Jack x

 I have many years of personal experience of owning dogs and have completed courses in Dog Training with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) including a career as a dog trainer, canine aggression and rehabilitation and body language. I have also attended several seminars the latest one being hosted by Victoria Stilwell with top names in dog training/behaviourists lecturing. I certainly don’t claim to be an expert in anything, however having now been running the rescue for 5 years single handedly  , I have had over 100 dogs in my home direct from a stressful environment, ie the pound and intergrated them successfully into a pack  , so  feel that I have a good grip on things and have encountered the majority of problems. ”

“I have  also studied Tellington TTouch which I personally endorse along with ThunderShirts for many problems with dogs. In addition I am a convert to 2 point contact harnesses to balance a dog and stop unnecessary pulling, this was bourne from when I viewed this photo after a dog walk…haha…”

A great reason to convert to 2 point contact harnesses !

A great reason to convert to 2 point contact harnesses !

“I have a huge heart and sound mind (most of the time! 😉 and simply want to help where I can to prevent the unnecessary suffering and euthanasia of my favourite dogs, lurchers”



An outtake !!










MY BEAUTIFUL TILLY……My beautiful Tilly is now running free over the rainbow bridge (having recently been pts)  and has mothered many a rescue dog that came in broken with her steady and gentle nature. I had 9 yrs of wonderful experiences with her and she truly was a special girl

Forever in my heart..xxx

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