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The handsome MAX

This boy was found beaten and dumped by a wonderful family who kindly fostered him until the rescue found a home for him….It was ALWAYS going to fail  (hehe) and his super family have finally admitted to themselves that they found him for a reason…This boy truly is so very lucky to have been found and I am so chuffed with how things have turned out for this very lucky boy ….JUNE 2015












The beautiful LOTTIE

This lovely girlie came into the rescue from a pound in an awful state, she had mange and was painfully thin. With the love and care of her new wonderful family, she has blossomed into a most amazing stunning girl. Her new best friend Lady has no doubt helped her along the way. What a very lucky girlie she is indeed……MAY 2015 















The very stunning pair HENRY and HUGO

This gorgeous pair came into together from the pound and had such an incredible bond, that the rescue did not want to split them up. No mean feat homing a pair of large dogs together but the rescue had the most amazing family contact them and here they are now, having the best time in their forever home. One very fortunate stunning pair of dogs….APRIL 2015
















The beautiful MAGGIE

The lovely Maggie come in as a stray and has such an amicable sweet nature, wasn’t long until she was reserved, now living with here boyfriend Marty another stunning lurcher and they are the firmest of friends, what a lucky girlie she is with her new family…MARCH 2015












 The handsome HARRY


Sadly HARRY was returned to the rescue due to sudden ill health of his new owners and so it was not long until he found his new home again. This boy has landed right on his paws with a lovely family and a his new girlfriend, a lovely black lab….. FEBRUARY 2015














The handsome FELIX

The wonderful timid shy lurcher lookalike came , scared of his own shadow, but with his patient new mummy he has come on leaps and bounds and is now settled and loved in abundance in his new forever home….FEBRUARY  2015












The stunning TESS renamed Radish

This gorgeous girlie was one of four rescued from a breeder that required assistance due to a court order. She has settled in a treat with her wonderful new family and has been on many adventures already. She has been given a super opportunity for a wonderful life….JANUARY 2015













The very pretty COCO…renamed KIKI

Coco was one of four that was rescued from a breeder that required assistance due to a court order. She has now settled into her five star home with her new boyfriend Scruffy – she has a fab lifestyle now and is one lucky girlie – JANUARY 2015

(null) (2)IMG_0429










The handsome JAMIE

Jamie was picked up by the Kent Animal Warden and I was asked too assist. It wasn’t long before he was snapped up , such a lovely fella, and here he is with his new five star family, a lucky boy indeed….DECEMBER 2014

Jamie in the log cabinJamie 1











The stunning LOLA…

Lola who is a sweetheart was relinquished to the rescue as she was living in a highly stressful environment and being a saluki lurcher was not fairing well at all, a very nervous highly charged dog when she arrived….however she is now a completely different dog and with her new mum and best pal another lurcher Jo Jo she couldnt go wrong, what a very lucky girlie she is to have been saved….- DEC EMBER 2014











 The handsome MITCH

A lovely active bundle of fun that is very well suited to his outdoor life that he now has with his super local family. He is one very lucky boy to have his family’s world involve around him….NOVEMBER 2014














The stunning ANNIE 

This girlie turned up at a greyhound rescue and was then transferred to the rescue….A lovely demour girl that soon found her forever home with a lovely couple and their greyhound in Fern in St Neots….She has settled into her new life and this photo is of her on her first caravan holiday…What a lucky girlie…..OCTOBER 2014



The cute PEBBLES ....

This cutey was a private rehome due to sad circumstances and she didn’t hang around long, going off to join first dog owners in Bedfordshire… She now has the stable, loving environment she was missing out on and has settled in a treat, super family and a super girlie….OCTOBER 2014



The pretty KYM…..

This poor girl came to the rescue in an awful state, having been very undernourished to begin with and then whelped a litter of puppies, she was kindly fostered by a wonderful couple in London who had a handsome lurcher already and she has flourised under their care…Here she is now, looking a lot healthier, a very lucky girlie….SEPT 2014











The gorgeous DORI…Renamed Mabel…..

This super girl, didn’t hang around for long and had a whole long list of admirers…Her new mum was smitten naturally and she toodled off up north to show that part of the world what a wonderful looking dog she was…She has settled in fab and is much loved….Lucky girl….SEPTEMBER 2014














The beautiful PERU…Renamed Lilly…..

This sweet girl was saved from a pound and didn’t stay with the rescue for too long…Her new mum fell in love the moment she saw her and off she went in one of the quickest turnarounds in the rescue to her 5 star home in a beautiful part of the country. She has settled in a treat and is very well loved, a lucky girl….AUGUST 2014


photo (39)










The handsome FINLAY…..

Came into the rescue as a puppy and now look at his tranformation with his new super family home…Has a bestest lurcher pal and has the most loveliest family that he can call his own..Such a gorgeous boy and very lucky…...JULY 2014












The beautiful LUKI……

Such a gentle natured girlie…Went off to her five star home in Hertfordshire, she is the only dog in the house and demands full pampering from her new mum and of course is lucky to be the centre of her universe and get it….Well done Luki….JULY 2014


20140928_152058 (2)



The stunning FRANKO, renamed Bailey….

The most handsome Bailey really has fallen on his paws… has a super young family that snapped him up and he is very much an integral part of the clan now and loves the youngest member Willow, it will be so lovely for her to grow up with a best friend….JUNE 2014

photo 3 (2)10416951_647371695341963_1769423047_n













 The wonderful biggest clown of the lurcher world….CASPIAN

Caspian came to me in such a poor state with mange and stress and really looked a very lost soul….a few weeks of TLC and fun in the rescue and he was on the mend…the ending is such a very happy one as he went to the best couple in the world that needed him in their lives to help mend broken hearts that a previous lurcher had left….Mr C was that boy and could not have gone to a more rewarding home….SO VERY CHUFFED for him…I want you to see his first pic of him when he landed at the rescue on the left and the one on the right , him now……and you get a bonus of my fav of him in the middle….Now thats the life ….JUNE 2014





The rescue’s longest serving resident at 3 mths before going off to his new forever home….SPARKY

is now settled brilliantly into his new home with his new mum. Thick as thieves these two !! So pleased for him – MAY 2014










The handsome FLARE, renamed Lenny,

has his new stunning girlfriend, Stella and life quite frankly couldn’t get rosier for him, totally spoilt with a fab couple that are smitten with him…..APRIL 2014










The gorgeous BONNIE,

settled in a treat with her new five star family, just getting her passport ready for her trip to France soon, lucky girlie….APRIL 2014


This is the gorgeous BOOTSIE (on the right)

with her new pals. She has settled in a treat, although I hear is causing mischief when given the opportunity, oh what fun !! Lucky girl to have landed a tip top home….MARCH 2014


This is the gorgeous PIP

Landed on his feet being a very spoilt only dog with his new family, I think the surname Bentley suits him !  He is my first rescue to travel overseas to his second home, FRANCE on a barge, no less, look at him snoozing in the cabin !!! LUCKY BOY !! – MARCH 2014

1743428_278384785645004_980666210_n_1 10150884_296683230481826_1636201759_n

The gorgeous RUBY

Her new mum and dad Ruth and Arthur Norman are smitten !! Here she is with her pals and her new best friend Cora. She has a wonderful life in the country and has settled in a treat, what fab news !!! FEB 2014….

ruby111 ruby21

This is the handsome BUDDY renamed Archie

All growing up now and with his new best pal ! A lovely home with his new mummy Sam. SUPER !! – JAN 2014

10157351_10152337459153637_1771673648_n 8005_10152184107423637_1485521561_n

This is the stunning BEAU

As you can see, she is treated like a princess and has landed right on her paws with her new mummy Tracey, a perfect home for her !! – JAN 2014

1510696_10202573819444304_1446993279_n 1618622_10202968309546310_1032958755_n

This is the handsome RED, renamed Freddy,

being a very well deserved pampered pooch with his new family, Keren and Will, a lovely 5 star home ! – JAN 2014

photo7 photo6



This is the stunning CELIA who has found her best partner girlie in crime Bramble…

They look so adorable together and she has settled in so well with Sarah Watts and her family…Celia has certainly fell on her paws with her new 5 star home !! ..JAN 2014


This is the gorgeous FLYNN who has his super model girlfriend Bonnie.

He has settled in brilliantly with the Chamberlain family. A lovely pair and what a lucky boy to have found such a tip top home...JAN 2014


This is the gorgeous MARLENE, renamed Honey

Now with one of many humans that adore her ! A very lucky girlie to have found her new mummy Jennie and I am updated often on her adventures in her picturesque surroundings…Lucky Girlie….DECEMBER 2013

honey-011 bodywarmer

This was my longest stayer at 9 weeks, the gorgeous ACE

I really dont know why because he was a stunner, he found his new forever family and have to say his new daddy is smitten ! Lucky boy  !! – NOVEMBER 2013

20131116_114512-11 ace15

The most gorgeous JASPER,

who had a dreadful start to life now settled with the wonderful Gardner family and his best buddy George…So made up for this boy….OCT 2013

1477614_10151861282022946_312442513_n 1458533_10151861282562946_1141555951_n


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