As you can imagine running a rescue, costs a lot of money, so a very vital part of supporting us would be to become a Lozzas Lurcher Lovely…..For a minimum of £1 a month, you will receive a certificate, a wristband, a pen, naming a lurcher that comes in from the pound, able to spend unlimited time at the rescue, showing a suitable dog at a local dog show if you wish …

For £5 a month you get a tote bag and for £10 plus you get an exclusive t-shirt… 

So please consider joining a band of wonderful lovelies already and helping save a life of a lurcher….

Lozzas Lurcher Rescue is on Amazon as well, with a wee wish list…download

Heres the link :






Occasionally a foster home is required, if a dog comes in that is not going to bode well in the home environment with a pack of dogs. These homes will need to be cat/small furry free and be with one very non reactive dog or ideally no other dogs. You will need to be around most of the time and have experience with dogs if you have no current dog.  Time and patience are two things you will also need to possess , so if  you think you could offer to foster very occasionally, then please do get in touch,  it can be so rewarding. Full advice and support will be always available ….

We always need volunteers to come up and play with the dogs in the exercise paddock as well , so don’t be shy !!