Well we had a couple of stunners enter into the rescue this month, the beautiful Lola, who came from a local lady who after very sad circumstances had to find a new home for her and the very handsome and very scruffy Harry…if they were A list celebs, these two would be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie !! Then our podenco branch had the most striking podenco come over from Spain called Rupert, all the pod lovers were swooning….

Two of the most endearing boys went off to their forever homes, the stunning bull lurcher Butch went to live with his new pal Dash in sunny Fareham  and Jamie fell right on his paws with a super family who are doting on him in Oxford….Lucky boys…


Remember the poor emaciated KYM who came into the rescue in a very sorry state,PTDC0375

having nursed a litter of puppies . She was fostered immediately by a wonderful

couple who of course fell in love with her and kept her…Now look at her with her

best pal , she looks amazing , yes ??? FAB xx





Now the secure field is up and running the lurchers are all having a fab time doing zoomies around it and thought I would share a picture below of the awesome Rupert…




Lastly, the lovely Maria Waldon worked extremely hard running an online auction for the rescue. It took hours of hard work, posting photos, doing invoices,collecting money and packaging and sending off the goods for well over 200 items. This amazing lady raised the fabarooni amount of £1213 which settled the outstanding vet bill and brought some goodies for the lurchers,,,,,. Thank you so much Maria xx