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The handsome bull lurcher DEXTER  came in this month, having been saved from the pound, He has a personality to die for, so will be snapped up quickly we are sure !! The striking KORRA, who originally came from down under in Australia, has been handed over into the rescue as well, a big girl being 29 tts !! Finally a rather splendid unusual looking boy SONNY has come in, what a handsome dude he is , don’t you think ?










The gorgeous JOEY was the only boy to leave the rescue this month into his new home up North with a wonderful family who are firm friends with another super family that have a LLR dog…how lucky that they are now play mates !!


Well it was all steam ahead this month in the rescue. Polly who was saved from the pound  last month and has now be renamed Poppy, is coming back to give birth !!! Yes for the first time since the rescue has begun, we have a mummy to be in our midsts. After an xray and scan it was confirmed that she was too far gone for any other option. She showed very late as she was so underweight when she came in and was carrying the puppies up high.  The timing has been awful as I had a trip to Spain booked as well. I literally came off the plane and she was in labour having given birth to four pups already. My maternity angels, Helen Scholes and Janine Brent I cannot thank enough for being there for her. 

In total the delightful Poppy gave birth to 12 puppies, a huge litter !!! Sadly a wee boy was born dead and so 11 have survived. They are all gorgeous and the rescue will be kept busy now bringing these puppies on to ensure they have the best start in life a puppy could want…Here are some piccies in the first month of these gorgeous boys and girls