I  learnt about a breeder in the Midlands that had been served with a Noise Abatement Order and was due in High Court and her dogs had to be gone by a particular date. A desperate lady was giving away her dogs to anyone that wanted one and we all know how dangerous that is, so when informed about this situation , we stepped in and asked her remaining 30 dogs to be signed over to the rescue. We brought home 4 border terriers, 7 whippets and 4 lurchers in our first trip…Leaving behind 1o greyhounds and one lurcher with pups….As always the wonderful world of rescue united and space was secured with the following rescues….Greyhound Gap, Northants Greyhound Rescue, Wonky Pets Rescue, JR Whippet Rescue and Dogs Trust ! A very happy ending for these dogs and it meant that the rescue got an emergency intake of 4 gorgeous lurchers that has now got us bursting at the seams !!! 



 Other intakes for October were Hairy Mary a special girl that came from Birmingham Greyhound Protection, Debra and the father and son duo Hugo and Henry….A very busy month for us !!


The super STOKERHOUNDS ran an online Halloween photo competition with monies1798484_10152189308822394_1196060828_n raised going to LLR – they raised a fab amount of £146…Please visit them on facebook or http://stokerhounds.weebly.com the business is run by a fab lady called Karla who handmakes wonderful coats, pjs etc for dogs, bang on trend fabrics and done to a very high standard , all at a very reasonable cost, look at BOO BOO modelling !!


A new wonderful Lozza Lurcher Lovely came on board as well – step forward ANGELA HALL who adopted Annie…..Welcome to the special group of angels x




Then the fab TARAG (The Animal Rescue Auction Group) a facebook group set up specifically to run10603237_10152809422924820_2086506067733344472_n monthly auctions with funds going to various rescues, chose LLR for their nominated rescue for this month…We were very lucky to have had lots of donated goods that we could offer to and the most amazing total of just over £1800 was raised….WOW WOW….This went straight to pay for something that had been on the wishlist for some time….to be revealed when installed…


So the lucky doggies that went off to their forever homes on trial this month…..The gorgeous Zelda went up to her new home in Norfolk  right by the beach…..doggie heaven,   the very handsome Rupert went to be best pals with lots of different dogs as his new daddy runs a sighthound boarding service, so he is defo in doggie heaven , Harry went up North to be totally spoilt by being an only dog with his new mummy and daddy and he is a regular at the local pub.  The stunning Lola went off to be with her new mummy and best pal Jo Jo in Leamington Spa, Tess went up to London to be with new mummy and daddy both photographers, so am expecting some fab photos soon !! Coco went off to her new family and best pal, another gorgeous lurcher called Scruffy in sunny Surrey , Flora went off to first time dog owners Cheryl and Andy in London and will all teach other lots of different things I am sure and finally the super Rowan went off with her new family to Newmarket with new pals Pippy the Grey and Fergus the lurcher so plenty of love coming her way no doubt !!

FINALLY the most AMAZING news….A wonderful couple called Kerry and Lewis Preston who are based locally to me suggested that Lewis’s employers Ocado may be able to donate their purged and damaged dog food to the rescue. Well after a very successful meeting with Ocado, their online Petstore called Fetch (www.fetch.co.uk) are now sponsoring all the dogs with top brand food …In addition to that amazing piece of news, because the rescue gets some surplus as well, it enables me to be able to donate it to pounds that I visit or other rescues to help them…So really and truly the most amazing act of generoisty from Ocado which is benefitting literally hundreds of dogs… Please ensure you visit their website and experience their excellent customer service first hand…..THANK YOU SO MUCH OCADO…..