This month due to Poppy’s puppies the rescue is shutting its doors to new intakes so we can concentrate on the 11 extra pups we have to look after, however two super dogs from Spain which were already booked to come over, arrived , so welcome Buddy and Heidi, two podencos to the rescue.


One lucky boy, Sonny went off to his five star home in Berkhamsted and join a lovely family. We know he will be spoilt rotten which is no less than he deserves !

It is full steam ahead this month with the puppies, lots to do, to socialise them and get ready for their new homes for next month. Had a wonderful amount of people offer to sit with them and we cannot thank them enough for the efforts put in to these puppies, especially from Louise Green who is Poppy’s new mum. Every weekend without fail, she has been down to spend time with her girl and help with the puppies, she is an angel without a doubt !!! 



Finally a massive thank you to Carol Senior and her lovely husband who braved the awful weather as a suprise and did the charity car park for the rescue, raising an impressive amount of £125 for the rescue.  THANK YOU x