Well the rescue was left in the very capable hands of Marion Kitchener and Ricky Shields whilst I went over to Spain for the Podenco Rescue side of things for a few days, so I had to reduce the amount of dogs indoors for a few days…..Oooo the peace and quiet but as soon as I was back, it was back up to normal numbers again…yay !!


So just three new boys and girls in this month….We had the delicious pair, Finn and Fiona, ,the really really sweet natured duo , who ended up in the pound and were due to pts and the lovely Fossa from Spain being given the opportunity for a new life after the shelter closed and there was a desperate plea for help rehoming the dogs .newarrivals


I had the fright of my life when I went into the kennel area one morning and Finn and Fiona were covered in blood and so was the kennel, it looked like something out of a murder crime scene !! All this blood for a tear on his ear. I haven’t a clue how he managed it but boy does an ear injury bleed !! A trip to the vets for Finn and some glue temporarily until the following day when he needed a couple of stitches to give it the best opportunity to heal….Oooo the cone of shame time, Finn is not happy….lolDSCF2517








On the homing front , a good month for some of the lucky dogs…At long last, the long standing wonderful BUTCH went off to his forever home and was chosen by a wonderful couple who already took Ruby last year, so these striking pair of lurchers are sure to be a huge hit out and about and I couldn’t be more happier for him .. Then we had HOPE the timid girlie go and partner  up with her new buddy Grace in her new five star home in a rural area of Guildford . Maisie the gorgeous Saluki x sweet natured girlie went off locally to her new family where she is learning to live with a cat and has settled in fine with her new human family, a very lucky girlie to have been chosen by the Hurcock’s.  Finally onto LADY, the beautiful pup that was an instant hit with the rescues very dear supporter Brigitte and off she went into foster with a view to keep in sunny Harlow..Of course this girlie was never going anywhere and is now settled with her new pal Lily the Daxie…..


Finally another addition to the special lurcher lovers,  Karen Bracebridge has now become a Lozza Lurcher Lovely – thank you so much ! xx