Well what a busy month July turned out to be….. We had 5 fabarooni dogs come into the rescue.  Four of them direct from the pounds and saved from being put to sleep, the lovely Bryn, Dori, Mitch and Tara. The last entry was Kym, she was dumped in a ladies garden heavily pregnant and the very next day whelped 6 puppies !! Poor Kym was in a terrible condition and on top of that having her pups as well, took a heavy toll on her,  the rescue was contacted to assist and as soon as the pups were strong and weaned, she came in….


We had 3 rehomes as well – Foxy went off to start her new life with a lovely couple in Surrey….Dori was snapped up immediately she landed, being a very pretty bedlington x whippet, she was always going to have an army of fans and her new family  took her off to live her new life up North and finally the wee Bryn was sent to live with his new mum who was nursing  a broken heart after just loosing her whippet, a perfect match made in heaven for both of them and now he is living his new life right by the coast, lucky boy !
The field project was completed in quick time and we are eternally grateful for the efforts of BRADGATE FENCING from Huntingdon who generously assisted charging the bare minimum to help…. For more information on the rescue’s secure field, please see the separate page .
Blossom and all her kittens continue to do so well and will be old enough for new homes soon…
In such good health and cheeky monkeys !!
Some brilliant people out there supporting the rescue as always, Marianne Hills and Hannah Bruce the trusty car boot team, raising £125, no mean feat !!!

We were lucky too secure two fundraisers at the WGC Carparks and raised a sterling £225 on the first outing and then another £200 on the second one !! Yahoo….very very needed and grateful !!
Tara the beautiful 5 mth lurcher pup that has arrived, is experiencing problems with seizuring and is generally not a well girl at all…She is having the best care possible and has been in and out of the vets , since she arrived, we are all keeping our fingers crossed that she starts improving …
A new addition to the Lozza Lurcher Lovely family…a wonderful lady called Janice Rhodes x