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What a busy month for intakes February turned out to be…..

We have Verity and Santa from Espania, settling in well after their transportation…..Then the super Luki that was rehomed middle of last year but sadly due to change in family circumstances , she was having too be left for far too long on her own so has come back…Then the oooo so stunning Poppy who came from a private home and after a year, the family felt they couldn’t give her what she needed, so in she came and finally a very gorgeous puppy, Lady….ooooosh and  the most stunning Afghan Hound x, that needed some very intense grooming to get her to how she should look, but now is a total stunner….Thanks so much to Jane Bettles for donating her grooming time to the rescue, she rocks !!  Then finally Maisie a beaut of a saluki x with the most sweetest of temperaments…dumped with greyhounds….


We are so pleased too have upgraded our veterinary care to the wonderful branch of Vets4Pets in Hertford. They have so much more to offer than our previous vets and have given the rescue a generous discount as well. Marina Scoffone and her team of vets and nurses are no doubt going to give the best quality care to the rescues and for that we are eternally grateful…..



Well this month is seeing the lurcher loving MEN out there getting involved and going that extra mile to show their support… We have Kraig Ralph and Michael Tracey joining and being Lozza Lurcher Laddies….Thanks boys !!! 10987338_1009899565705139_4883296415849351529_n

Friday the 13th lived up to its name when poor Primrose went in for her routine Spay….She had an adverse reaction to the drugs and stopped breathing and was very flat when coming out of the anaesthetic…It was touch and go but am very very relieved to say she has now recovered fully and is smiling again, along with all of us…..Just goes to show that you can never take anything for granted when it comes to any operation, no matter how routine it is !!DSCF1959
So off to their new homes this month, the lucky MAGGIE , now buddied up with her new boyfriend Marty another gorgeous lurcher and remaining local in her new 5 star home in Bedfordshire and the super Primrose who has travelled up North to be with her new boyfriend Nacho and her super new family, what a pair of lucky girlies they are !!