A very busy month for the rescue as all 11 pups make their ways to their new forever homes, oh what fun !!! A naming competition has also been held so we now have , Blu, Marley, Badger, Flint, Freddie, Milo, Bella, Whisper, Tessa, Willow and Iris..

This is the weaning pen that they all spent their last few weeks in, looking nice and tidy, which would last approx 2 mins !!


A massive thank you to all the wonderful people that been part of the puppies lives and to the super families that have adopted one. The rescue is so proud of these pups and all the hard work that went into them, being such confident, well rounded characters before continuing their journeys.

Two new arrivals this month, WESSEX and WESLEY both saved from the pound and both making the most of being spoilt over the festive period.

One lucky boy, Valentino went off to his forever home this month and is now loving life in Ashwell with his new mum and bestie friend


Finally a massive thank you to everyone that has supported the rescue the last year and seasons greetings to you all !!