So on the lurcher front….We had a whistlestop affair with a gorgeous scruffy lurcher called TRIXIE. She was a private rehome and went straight into foster with a wonderful couple with a view too keep and a very quiet month for lurchers due to our spaces having to accomodate some emergency pods.


We welcomed Lola and Tessa two emergency pods from the UK and Grace from Spain….

 We had our normal gig of being able to run the Charity Car Park on Saturday the 11th April , down at Oaklands in Welwyn Garden City… ! Of course it rained but the rescue managed to bring in £110 , so a lovely amount considering !!



These fundraisers are vital to help towards the ongoing costs of running the rescue….

It is all about the girls this month… The first  lucky dog that went off to her  5 star home in April ,  that is the gorgeous  FIONA. She packed her bags and said good bye to Finn and trotted off to be spoilt rotten as an only dog in the local area of Watford, DSCF2582

Then Luki found her final forever home with a wonderful couple and a beautiful pal, a deaf JRT , they are the best of friends now and she is still local in Barnet, which is super !! Fossa went off to her five star home as well on a boat yard in Cambridgeshire, where she has some wonderful outdoor space to explore…Lucky girls…


Working in collaboration with the super Kerry Bell who is the talented lady behind Slouching Hound (see links for her website) , the rescue collars were designed and have been launched. We believe we are the first sighthound rescue in the UK to have designed our own rescue martingale collars to give all our dogs, their special recognition that they are the best breed of all….i.e…RESCUE !!! …..and now everyone will know it when they meet them….So with a huge drum roll,  here they are.  They are on the merchandise page for you to buy as well , if you wish….


With the  handsome FINN we had a major set back  shortly after he had his cone of shame removed for his ear op, a lump was found on his neck and after a biopsy , the results came back that it was a low grade sarcoma and required to be removed immediately and all paws crossed that the outcome was going to be good once removed. 

The amount of amazing support the rescue was shown in those few days of not knowing , what his results were, how much vet bills were and what his future was, was out of this world. People donated and donated and an amazing amount of over £2000 was raised without the rescue even asking for help to secure this boy, the very best of treatment , that he so deserved.  I am so chuffed to say, that the best outcome happened and that the tumour was removed with good , clear margins, meaning for the time being ,this super boy can enjoy a healthy, lovely life . 


Last but not least , a doggie angel called Theresa Hughes, signed up to become a member of the elite Lozza Lurcher Lovely team, so a massive thank you to Theresa for her ongoing monthly support xx