Well due to the boarding kennel side of things being so busy and not able to turn down an opportunity to gain extra funding for the rescue, we only accepted one lucky lurcher this month, please meet the striking MIKEY….wow what a dude he is !!


So departure wise this month, although we only took Mikey  in, we managed to rehome 7 dogs , that must be our record in one month surely !

Firstly we had the gorgeous bundle of fun Whispa, go off and inject a faster pace within her new five star home in Nottingham and now has not one but two boyfriends to frolic around with..

Lolly went off to live in Dorset, she is now residing with the delightful couple that own Sculpture by the Lakes, a wonderful visitor attraction that has won many awards. No doubt the public will be wanting to also have a glimpse of this beautiful girl around the grounds…

Very pleased to report after many weeks here with us, the gorgeous Hairy Mary who came from another rescue to begin with, finally found her perfect home with a super couple only local to the rescue. Sometimes a dog gets overlooked time and time again, because the most magical home is around the corner, so the wait was always worth it and this is so true for HM ! You can see she didn’t take long to settle in !


Double trouble Daisy and Kai, found their fab home with a lovely family in Luton.  They will certainly liven up proceedings in a normally quiet house with their playfulness.

Well Flash found his perfect home as well. An unusual but excellent idea where he actually has two mummies !! Two wonderful ladies have become firm friends and basically at any given time, one of them has all the dogs together, ensuring the best quality of life for the pooches.  A dog share scheme that has been very well thought out, Twice as many holidays, treats and pampering, not bad at all Flash says !!

Finally we knew it wasn’t going to be long before the beautiful Indie was snaffled up . Off into foster with a view to keep with one of my fab team members and now she is lording it up being officially adopted in Sunny Southampton. This girl is so spoilt and so lucky, yay !!



We have 3 super new Lozza Lurcher Lovelies who have pledged their monthly hard earned cash to pay regularly to the rescue to help the dogs. Thank you so much to Monique Gudgeon, Julia Middleton and Scott Sellar who are these treasured humans !!! 


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Finally,   the rescue is very excited to announce this month that they secured a very brilliant discount with the talented Pam Lander, a McTimoney Chiropractor who also specialises in small animals. For people that have never heard of McTimoney, her website is detailed below. This holistic way of treating a range of problems within the dogs is something that the rescue has wanted to get involved with in a long time. This combined with Tellington Ttouch , really gives the dogs a much more rounded attitude character wise and helps combat body fatigue/injuries that may have developed